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Summer Chocolate Madness


It’s been a hot summer and quite a challenge to keep our little kitchen cool enough for our chocolate work. We’ve become adaptable, hanging screens on the windows to block the sun, careful use of air conditioning and starting extra early in the mornings.

However, the heat has impacted on delivery of orders - we won’t post when it’s too hot and instead delay until temperatures drop. We want you to enjoy our chocolates in pristine condition.

In July, we had the surprise review in The Observer by Anna-Lisa Barbieri which has resulted in a lot of interest in our chocolates. We are trying to keep up with demand whilst also supporting the team to have first holidays away since the pandemic kicked in. Even so we continue to make our signature small batch caramels.

Do use the ‘back in stock’ notification system in the shop so you hear when new batches are available. We have been selling out quickly!

Next time, a bit more about the Team and our business.

Thank you for your support.

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