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About B Chocolates


B Chocolates is a tiny confectionery business rooted in the Suffolk coasts and heaths area of outstanding natural beauty.


Known mainly for our Honey Sea Salt Caramels, we produce artisan chocolates made with  honey from coastal beekeepers and inspired by fresh ingredients and by the natural resources that surround us. 


All our truffles and thins are hand made and all honey sea salt caramels are hand cut and decorated before they are carefully packed in beautiful boxes.


We vary our hand made fresh truffles according to the seasons to incorporate the best of Suffolk fruit, herbs and flowers.


We hope you will enjoy trying our award winning chocolates and experience the care taken in producing and packaging these artisan chocolates for you.


Anna McCreadie


Artisan chocolates

Award winning recipes


B Chocolates started out in 2010, making truffles with local honey and excellent French chocolate.


Our classic Dark  Honey Truffle won two stars in the 2014 Great Taste Awards and our best selling Honey & Sea Salt Caramels were awarded one star the same year.


With our passion for all things honey, we extended our range. Our Honeycomb Thins - little discs of chocolate embedded with pieces of honeycomb toffee - won a gold star in the 2017 Great Taste Awards alongside our Honey & Gingerbread Truffle.


In 2019 and 2020,  we  were awarded Great Taste Awards for our Raspberry and Rose Tea, Espresso Shot, Blackcurrant Duo, Coffee Gianduja filled chocolates.


We continue to develop our hand-made caramels, chocolates and truffles in our unit on High House Fruit Farm, using fruit, nuts, herbs  and flowers, sourcing these locally where possible.


The chocolates
Our ingredients
 Raw honey from Suffolk coastal beekeepers
Classic Honeycomb Thins
Honey & Sea Salt Carmels
Honey Bees on High House Apple Blossom

Our ingredients


We use honey in our chocolates. It is supplied from beekeepers in Suffolk, including from hives on the farm where we are based. 

The taste, consistency, colour and scent of each unique batch of honey reflects the variety of the coastal landscape and flavours each batch of chocolates in subtly different ways.

We add fresh cream and Suffolk sea salt to make caramels and use local fruits, nuts, herbs and flowers wherever possible in truffle combinations.

We select French couvertures for dipping which are of a high standard and cocoa solid content to complement the flavours we work with.


The quality, flavour and local origin of many of our ingredients is of fundamental importance to us and to our customers.

Contact us

Contact us

B Chocolates continues to receive lots of positive feedback building on reviews on the Financial Times 'How to Spend it’ website, and two Great Taste Awards in 2014. We are  keen to receive comments from everyone who's tried our products, so if you would like to let us know your thoughts, please get in touch by email, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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