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We Have Started Blogging!

I'm Abi and I work with Anna at B Chocolates.

What a year it has been so far! A global pandemic forced the human race to come to a halt. Offices closed, shop doors locked and roads empty of cars! But nature didn't stop its magical work for anyone, the cherries fattened and turned to a gorgeous purple. Raspberries have plumped up and the strawberries are jewels of bright red diamonds. At B Chocolates we have already started using a variety of fresh fruits in our chocolates ranging from a tangy, gooey blackcurrant caramel in 70% dark chocolate to sweet strawberries and cream in milky white chocolate. The B Chocolates kitchen is located on High House Fruit Farm so we are very lucky to have the first pick of all the lovely fruits and flowers that are growing on the land.

As a business, we have decided that it is safest to only have one person in our production unit at any one time, to not only protect ourselves, and our families but also to protect our customers. Whilst I am working from home writing this blog, Anna has very busy producing, making, and packing our amazing chocolates. In lockdown we've perfected some new chocolate fillings such as the Mojito Truffe. Zingy lime with a hint of fresh mint and dark rum is a perfect chocolate mixture for this summer season chocolate collection.

Box of 16 truffles £15: Shown in the picture above, Mojito Truffle, Honey and Sea Salt Caramel, Coffe Gianduja, Marc de Champagne.

We want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has supported us during this very strange time, to our cstomers who have bought goods from our online store, to our customers who tag us on their social media posts and a very special thank you all of the delis who have supported us throughout the pandemic. We are looking forward to returning to Snape Famers Market in August and are eager to see our customers face to face again and to show you all the new chocolates and techniques we have developed over the last couple months. We will continue to take every precaution to make sure that it is safe to do so for us and for you.

Thank for reading our very first blog, the links below include our online shop and our social media accounts.

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